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An app for flight attendants - 23 integrations running without access to the Internet

TOP-3 Airlines in Eastern Europe


  • To provide up-to-date flight information online
  • To cut flight attendants’ working hours by digitizing reports
  • To add features improving the customer service quality

Project features

  • 23+ systems integration
  • Got rid of 10 kg of papers per flight
  • 7,800 reports per day
  • 15,000,000 reports overall
  • 14,000,000 consumables
  • 103 aircrafts
  • 205 airports
  • High load
  • Transfer of large volumes of data with poor Internet connection at airports and its complete absence in the air


A senior flight attendant had to carry about 10 kg of documentation for the flight. After the flight, they had to fill out paper reports and hand them over to the administrator.

The flight attendant received all the information on paper at the briefing and had no access to up-to-date information afterwards.



Our system and business analysts spent 6 months at the S7 Airlines office in Domodedovo to study 23+  barely described systems integration with an endless variety of data. It took about 1 year to create the new infrastructure where all the data is interconnected and is coming in correctly from various sources.

Also, our team evaluated business processes and developed a thorough digital transition plan. Based on that analysis, specification and solution architecture were composed:

Flight schedule

Convenient flight schedule is able to display UTC time, home airport time, and destination time.


Flight information is displayed on an informative dashboard based on the atomicity principle


A flight attendant does not need to carry reports to the administrator after the flight anymore; everything happens via a new interface that sends reports directly to the admin panel. To ensure that it’s fast and convenient, we carried out numerous usability tests.

The task was extremely challenging due to absence of Internet on the plane and limited Edge connection at the airports. It took 6 months to ensure that all heavy reports with images and videos of incidents stop getting lost and always reach the admin panel.

Cabin map

Now a flight attendant gets the most up-to-date information about passengers – those who arrived late and missed the flight. On the cabin map passengers with reduced mobility and those with pets are also highlighted. The flight attendant can quickly find each passenger using a text search or  by just clicking on a cabin seat on their tablet:

Passenger card

Contains all the necessary information about the details of their transportation and allows to collect additional information


Displays the meal preferences of business class passenger’s and also reminds the flight attendant about orders

Questionnaire and feedback

The flight attendant can get a feedback from any passenger and all the info will be immediately displayed on the flight attendants manager’s screen


During the flight a passenger can get compensations for the airline failures and inconveniences.


Waybills help to account for consumables spent on the flight and significantly increase savings on procurement


Displays colleagues on the flight, and also allows the senior flight attendant to change the positions of the crew


Implementation of an online chat between the crew and ground services


Tons of paper (10 kg per flight) were replaced by a user-friendly interface with search, interactive table of contents, and bookmarks


We didn’t forget about the widget, either 🙂


Assembled a nice UI-kit


This is already the second version of the CCP app; we created the first one 5 years ago and throughout those years we never stopped working on it to keep it up-to-date with the new processes. Now the new app is acquiring more features, moved from iOS to Android, and keeps growing.

-10 kg
of paper documentation per flight
integration systems
reports are digitized every day
2 times
less time takes to fill the reports
On 520
flights every day our software is used
reports so far have been digitized
consumables are accounted every year
- 1 hour
of work: reports are sent online

Tech stack



Vlad Savin
Project Manager
Alexey Chernogor
Backend Team Lead
Vlad Bogdashkin
Mobile Team Lead
Volodya Verbitsky
Frontend Team Lead
Artem Suslov
Nikita Opalinsky
Alexey Potapov
Frontend Developer
Anton Voitkovsky
Backend Developer
Lesha Zagorodnev
Dima Kushner
Mobile Developer

Guys from KOTELOV developed a large-scale system that required extremely high technical expertise and took the service on board to a new level.

Alexander Lukash

Product owner S7 Airlines