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Digital transformation of Schneider Electric HR department

Schneider Electric (SE) is the leading global expert in energy management and power engineering with offices in over 100 countries


After selling the business to local management, Schneider Electric could no longer use international in-house operation services. They approached us to develop a replacement asap. Moreover, it was also necessary to migrate from a foreign server to another one. Besides, one of the tasks were to convert the company’s HR document flow into electronic form.

To get the highest quality result in the shortest possible time, we split up the team to conduct in parallel IT development and analytical part.

Project features

  • Replacement of inconvenient outdated tools with unified and synchronized system.
  • Customized design for Schneider Electric business requirements and employees.
  • Migrating from a foreign server.


Schneider Electric employees used inconvenient tools with an outdated interface. For majority of simple organizational tasks employees had separate programs. One tool to request a vacation, another to book a workplace, and the third one to create a fuel report, etc.

The entire HR document flow of the company was kept exclusively in paper form. No automation – employees contacted HR specialists directly, and records were kept using Excel spreadsheets.

When getting employed in the company, each SE employee had to visit the HR department and their local administrator to sign all company policies on paper. The HR department kept all company policies on paper.

Stages of work


We spent 300+ hours researching, performing customer development, collecting and describing requirements to develop such a large-scale system.


To take the best from the market, we conducted in-depth system’s competitor analysis. But also, didn’t forget to add our unique features and know-how’s.

We put together a good-looking and convenient UI-kit.


Our team of backend developers chose a microservice architecture, which allowed us to ensure the app extensibility. Thanks to a well-built app architecture, it was easy for our development team to quickly respond to new changes and requests from business stakeholders.


Now the entire HR document flow of SE is carried out into electronic form with a convenient intuitive interface. We automated the entire HR department, which allowed employees to cut the labor costs for filling out and accounting documents by 10 times.

Besides, all 2000 SE employees have a single tool for any work-related needs: registration of leave or vacation, preparation of a fuel report, review of a payslip, etc.

This allowed to significantly reduce the time and simplify simple tasks. The Personal Account system interface is highly intuitive and users immediately understand how to work in our interface.

Before, employees spent several days compiling and approving a fuel report – now it’s solved in less than an hour.

Role model

To ensure data privacy and safety, all users have access only to the sections they require, based on the role model principle. The department heads and administrators will receive notifications and view information on their subordinates only

Section Company Policies

All company policies are now stored in each employee’s Personal Account. Every policy document has a status depending on whether the employee has read the document or not.The system automatically reminds the employee about all the burning deadlines.

The system automatically reminds the employee about all the burning deadlines.

Section Consent

Consents to process the personal data can also be signed inside the Personal Account with just one click.

If an employee decides that they no longer want to use the services of a particular supplier for some reason, they can recall the consent. There is no need to notify the manager and HR administrator anymore. Each of them will automatically receive notifications about employees’ recalls from their departments.

To review all active and inactive service providers employeers can via corresponding section. Users with the HR ADMINISTRATOR role can also edit and add new suppliers.


Keeping up-to-date workflow statistics has now become much easier – for this we have developed the Reports section, where managers and department administrators can view information on signed and unsigned documents in a matter of seconds instead of manually filling Excel spreadsheets.

Fuel reports

In addition to the workflow of HR departments, we have created a tool for filling and approving fuel reports. Employees using corporate cars can create a fuel report for a specific month, upload receipts and routes. The system will automatically calculate the mileage or fuel consumption to input in the system based on the indicated data.

Administration of the vehicle database and approval of the fuel report are also available in the Personal Account. Employees used Excel spreadsheets before.

Mobile version

We created a mobile version of the main sections for the User role for ease of reference.


6+ hours
per week employees saved on signing documents
legal entities united in one system
automated accounting process
tools in single space

Tech stack



Dilyara Sultanova
Project Manager
Dmitriy Petrov
Team Lead
Nikolay Degtyarev
Frontend Lead
Anna Fursova
UX/UI Design
Michail Basov
Michail Zakatimov
Nikita Malenko
React Frontend
George Michal
React Frontend