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Secure corporate messenger for Microsoft

BIT - corporate messenger for Microsoft. Modern features, gamification and the ability to install on the company’s server


To create a corporate messenger for Microsoft that can be installed on company servers with relevant features and gamification.

Project Features

  • Integrations with a Skype core
  • High security requirements
  • Gamification


Key features

We developed the latest functionality with various features and convenient control – everything that is required for a modern manager.

Large Files Transfer

With new corporate messenger, it’s possible to transfer files up to 10 GB and store them on the company’s internal server.

Gamification and reactions

The messenger motivates to offer ideas. All chat participants can like messages and add points to the general employee profile. Afterwards, points can be exchanged for perks and corporate merch.

Polls and voting

Introduced functionality of voting for the best option, as well as collecting the most trending topics.


Variety of Channels to choose from and convenient interfaces for selecting topics


Microsoft has received a safe messenger able to compete with alternative modern solutions and to install in the customer’s framework.

Tech stack


The developers led by Valeriy Kotelov showed themselves as a team of professionals during the work on the project, successfully solved all the tasks and achieved the project goal.

Dmitry Butyanov

Microsoft RUS